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I'm losing my sister

Sisters split over veganism

So you think you're vegan?

Everyone reading this knows what veganism is - but put a group of vegans in the same room and a discussion will begin about what it means to be a vegan.

Can plants save the planet

How should you eat if you want to save the world?

Flexitarian future?

Are Brits changing their diet and their attitudes to meat consumption?

Vegetarians worldwide

Countries with the highest rate of vegetarianism

Vegan for Life

What does 'being vegan' mean?

Going meat-free

Although they are a small percentage of the population the number of people who avoid animal products is increasing

Can you be a part-time vegan?

Veganism is sometimes a lifestyle choice but it should be a lifetime commitment

5 wonderful things about raising a vegan kid

We live in a world where eating animal products is the norm, and deviating away from that is unusual. This mother explains some unexpected advantages of a vegan lifestyle.

If you're horrified by a flame-roasted dog, you should be shocked at a hog roast

We protect certain species, but not others.

Flexitarianism: for veggies who just can't resist a bacon butty

'Flexible vegetarianism' is on the rise

Young carnivores

Children who eat meat should know how the animals end up on their plate

My beef isn't with beef: why I stopped being a vegetarian

Eating meat from sustainable farms is more important than being a vegetarian and avoiding the fight all together

Would you eat a burger grown in a laboratory?

Meat developed from stem cells and grown in fermentation vats is one way to supply increasing demand. But would consumers eat it?

There's a population crisis all right. But probably not the one you think

While all eyes are on human numbers, it's the rise in farm animals that is laying the planet waste.