Sexual harassment
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Sexual Harassment - Definitions

Women and sexual harassment

Women and girls have a right to feel safe in their everyday life

Abusive relationships

Many young people have experienced violence at the hands of a partner.

Don't treat young men like sex-crazed monsters

The media would have us believe that boys are all corrupted by porn and aggressive by nature. Ally Fogg says that's not true.

This doesn't mean yes

The way a woman dresses or acts isn't a signal to anyone else - as this campaign makes clear.

It is time for girls to toughen up

Girls need to be taught how to deal with difficult situations

Harassment at school

Experiences of students and teachers

"I'd hear three rape jokes a day" - one teenager on the epidemic of sexual harassment in schools

A 17 year old's personal experience of sexism in the classroom., She urges us all - teenagers, parents and teachers - to act

Harassment online

Young people’s experiences

Lad culture is a symptom of misogyny, not the cause

is a symptom of misogyny, not the causeFor some 'being a man' means despising women, and the roots of this go very deep.

To men I love, about men who scare me

Laura Munoz explains how everyday harassment affects your behaviour and attitudes.

Egypt's women-only taxi service promises protection from male drivers

Pink Taxi is a response to widespread sexual harassment but critics say it segregates women without addressing the problem.

We need more men to fight sexism

Heckling, groping, harassment. Every woman has a story to tell