Living with disability
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Disability UK

A snapshot of what life is like for people with a disability

'My mother once thought of killing us both, life was so hard'

A blind journalist talks about life as a child, and in the media

A drama that never ends

He is a successful actor, but Max's Down's syndrome has led to battles throughout his life

The way I see it: living with partial blindness

Of all those registered blind or partially sighted, 93% retain some useful vision - often enough to read a book or watch a film. But this can lead to misunderstanding and confusion

Sight problems

Around 2 million people in the UK are living with sight loss

Life and death decisions with a disabled child

'Do I love her? With all my heart. When she dies will it be a relief? Without question', says the mother of a disabled daughter

Making a new start

A young girl's account of how her life was affected by her brother's autism

When seeing isn't believing

Not all disabilities are visible. People whose problems are not on show are finding themselves being attacked as frauds.

Dear lady who loudly tutted at me using the disabled loos

This writer rages against the rudeness and lack of understanding she has encountered.

A letter to my silent mother

Full of regret, this writer wishes she had treasured every word

Choosing to sit tight

Wheelchair-user Mik Scarlet could have walked again - here he explains why he chose to stay in his wheelchair

Why make us cry for help?

To get support, families with a disabled child are forced to describe their lives as thwarted and unhappy

The demonisation of the disabled is a chilling sign of our times

Journalists and politicians are portraying disabled people as scroungers

I'm on benefits but I'm no scrounger

The truth about surviving on Disability Living Allowance and incapacity benefit

Disability for beginners

A journalist diagnosed with multiple sclerosis faces an all too certain future with apprehension, but also a degree of conviction

Don't lose your bottle

Personal account of a blind father and the prejudice he faced raising his baby daughter