Domestic abuse
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I believed the stereotypes about domestic abuse - that's what made it so hard to realise I was a victim

"I didn't think that abuse was something that could happen to me."

'I'm a big, strapping bloke. Who would believe I was a victim of domestic abuse?'

Male victims of domestic abuse are 'less visible and given less priority', according to a new report. Two survivors explain why this needs to change.

Think you can't run away from your problems? I'm living proof YOU CAN!

Personal account: Christi Daugherty set off for a new life with her mother, brother and budgie - leaving her father behind

In Saudi Arabia, women are confined by technology

In Saudi Arabia, women are treated as legal minors, no matter how old they are

'I witnessed terrible things'

In this personal account, Patrick Stewart talks about the domestic violence that plagued his childhood and still affects his adult life

The day my daughter hit me

A petty family row came to a violent end. This shocked mother discovers she is not the only parent to suffer at the hands of a child

What counting dead women tells us that Clare's Law cannot

One woman is collecting the statistics that link all murders of women by men so that we can get a better understanding of the roots of this violence

'How dare these men get sympathy?'

Another father has murdered his children in an act of revenge on their mother. Here a mother tells how it feels to live through that agony

Abusive relationships

Many young people have experienced violence at the hands of a partner.