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Giving your best

How you give to charity matters as well as what you give

A better way of giving?

In 2016 the favourite way to raise money for charities was to take part in a raffle.

Raising money

The UK's favourite ways to raise money for good causes

UK giving

Who donates and how. Which charities receive most and why people don't give more.

Giving to charity is selfish - and that's fine

As I recently found out, donating money is as much about making ourselves feel good as it is helping others. But it's something that we should embrace

Im giving £1m to charity on an ordinary salary

This man has pledged to give away at least 10% of everything he earns - and will save more than 2,000 lives by doing it

Trust in charities

What does the public think of charities and the role they play in society?

A win for the homeless as a Hungarian lottery winner gives his money to charity

A man who was once a homeless alcoholic has won £1.7m on the Hungarian lottery and plans to set up a charity to help others in need

Kindness of pub regulars who rescued homeless man forced to sleep rough

Pub customers rallied round to put this man back on his feet and into a home of his own.

Emergency food

Families are struggling to make ends meet, but there is still a social stigma in using foodbanks.

The value of Charity

A majority of British households use the services of charities - sometimes without realising it.

The charity rebuilding the lives of refugee children in Britain

Ahsanullah Ahsas suffered horrors on the way to the UK, but help from the Children's Society has transformed his existence

Mr Blue Sky

A way to stop reoffending by helping people towards proper work and self-respect.

A Liverpool lifeline for a Yemeni hospital at the front line of the cholera epidemic

The intensive care unit and the A&E could not keep running with ragged staff who often did not have food for themselves or their families.

The hypocrisy of the filthy rich

There are wealthy individuals who make generous contributions to charity while avoiding paying tax. Is this fair?

The child abuse 'business': how one charity picks up the pieces

Barnardo's workers take to the streets to try to protect vulnerable youngsters

World Giving Index 2017

A snapshot of the scope and nature of giving around the world

It's time to put a stop to shopping guilt trips

Charity muggers or 'chuggers' are adding guilt to every shopping trip