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'No excuses!'

Inside Britain's strictest school

Tiny turns in the right direction

A mentor tells of his experience helping a troubled teenager, and how he often thought 'Why am I doing this?'

Teachers as 'guides': inside the UK's first Montessori secondary school

The Montessori Place has no year groups, no assessments, and students work in partnership with mentors to decide what to study

Behaviour in school

What teachers and students think

Disruptive behaviour

How much does bad behaviour in class actually affect learning time?

Bad behaviour

Adults recall how they behaved at school

Classroom violence

Teachers have limited options when it comes to disciplining students. Here are a variety of cases and outcomes

The day my life changed

Personal account: A teacher talks about a classroom attack

'They should have personal masseuses'

Three days in the classroom gave comedian Rhod Gilbert a new-found respect for teachers

In need of support?

Most teachers have encountered students with mental health issues

Imagine if we taught maths like PE - a competition, with public humiliation if you got a sum wrong

The 'Medal for all' cultureis a thing of the past it seems, but is that really for the best?

'Super head' makes failing school most improved in England

How one person's determination and inspiration managed to turn an entire school around

Bring back the cane to restore discipline in schools

This writer recalls his own experience and says fear and pain is the only language some children understand