Attitudes to disability
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Missing model to role model

Winning a TV competition should have launched Kelly Knox's modelling career but things are not so straightforward when you have a disability

Disability UK

A snapshot of what life is like for people with a disability

Is my pain really too shocking for television?

Sarah Ezekiel is proud of the advert she made showing the effects of motor neurone disease on her body. But the TV watchdog has decided it's too alarming for us to see

Not childsplay

How some parents responded to a disabled presenter on children's TV

Don't lose your bottle

Personal account of a blind father and the prejudice he faced raising his baby daughter

Life and death decisions with a disabled child

'Do I love her? With all my heart. When she dies will it be a relief? Without question', says the mother of a disabled daughter

'My mother once thought of killing us both, life was so hard'

A blind journalist talks about life as a child, and in the media

Mercy or Murder?

Should the law be changed to permit people to be helped to die? Or will that lead to abuse?

It's complicated

Individual cases which show how difficult it will be to produce a law that safeguards everyone yet helps those who are desperate.

Choosing to sit tight

Wheelchair-user Mik Scarlet could have walked again - here he explains why he chose to stay in his wheelchair

It's a difficult question for any disabled person to answer: would I want to be cured?

Personal account: Some people would definitely want to be cured - but this writer is not so sure

Able bodied actors and disability drag

We don't accept white actors 'blacking up' for roles - so why is it ok for the able bodied to portray people with a disability?

When seeing isn't believing

Not all disabilities are visible. People whose problems are not on show are finding themselves being attacked as frauds.

Dear lady who loudly tutted at me using the disabled loos

This writer rages against the rudeness and lack of understanding she has encountered.

More than words

It may be said as a joke but there is a price to pay for continuous thoughtless use of offensive language

Opening up to: online dating

Having spent the last five years single, blogger Tam Gilbert now feels she wants to look for a new relationship. Here she takes the first hesitant step - how to describe her disability

Letting the genetic genie out of the bottle

Once we allow the manipulation of human genes there is no going back. Are we prepared for the consequences?

Disability for beginners

A journalist diagnosed with multiple sclerosis faces an all too certain future with apprehension, but also a degree of conviction

The demonisation of the disabled is a chilling sign of our times

Journalists and politicians are portraying disabled people as scroungers

Why make us cry for help?

To get support, families with a disabled child are forced to describe their lives as thwarted and unhappy

One size doesn't fit all

Debenhams have broken with convention by using models in a diverse variety of ages, sizes and looks